Senior High School Bible

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”

High School Bible is taught by Calvary Chapel pastors in a cyclical manner. Each Bible teacher/pastor is teaching the same book of the Bible at each grade level (grades 9-12). Having each grade being taught the same book helps us in terms of scheduling and presenting pertinent material/multimedia to the entire student body.

Since we only have four years with a student we try to cover a sound sphere of truth by having our Bible curriculum will cover the books of Genesis, Mark, Romans, and Revelation. In this 4-year cycle, students in grades 9-12 will be exposed to the Biblical truths of creation and the history of Israel, the life and ministry of Christ, sin and justification, as well as end-times truth. We feel these are fundamental lessons from our students to know before they graduate.

Bible teachers instruct in a verse by verse fashion making sure to cover Biblical principles, historical context, and personal application. Bible class is scheduled 3 days a week and concludes with a worship chapel every Friday.

Primary Objectives of Senior High Bible:

  1. Teaching. We teach the Word of God so that our students would learn to hear and hold to a Biblical model of sound doctrine.
  2. Encouragement. We intentionally organize Bible so that it does not become an academic subject such as history or geography, but remains easy for the students to enter and participate in without the added pressure of constant tests, quizzes, and homework.
  3. Participation. We want the students to feel free to converse, questions, and talk about the Biblical truths being taught.
  4. Relationship. We understand our time with the students in junior high Bible is only for two years but the body of Christ is eternal. We desire to build godly relationships with the students so that in the coming years we may encourage them in the Lord, or when appropriate, to return to the Lord.