Pre-Calculus Honors

This is a fast paced course which reviews key Algebra II concepts and then proceeds to explore families of functions and their transformations, inverse functions, rational functions, polynomial functions, rational equations and inequalities, radical equations, logarithms and exponential functions. Concepts are developed both graphically and analytically. A significant portion of the year is spent on trigonometry: trigonometric functions, their graphs, trigonometric identities, inverse trigonometric functions, and trigonometric equations. As time permits, the course will include a brief survey of matrices, polar equations, sequences and series. Student participation is strongly encouraged in this class. By the end of this course, the student will have acquired the necessary mathematical skills to successfully study a course in Calculus. A TI 84 Plus is required for the duration of the course. Students will continually graph to attain a visual understanding of concepts being taught and to confirm acquired answers.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of Geometry Honors and 93% in Algebra II Honors. Teacher recommendation required.