Culinary Arts II

The purpose of this course is to intensify each students desire to be a great cook. It also serves as a platform for those students entertaining the decision to pursue a career in the culinary profession. The small class size enables us to dive deeper into the specifics of the culinary world. This class is also blessed with opportunities to minister to the Women’s Ministry by catering several occasions throughout the year. At the end of the course each student has been equipped with an ability to create beauty, enhance taste of recipes and be confident of their abilities in the culinary arts.
“That he may bring forth food from the earth….and bread which strengthens man’s heart.”

The curriculum of Culinary Arts contains recipes that may include ingredients such as peanuts, milk, eggs and wheat. If your child has an allergy to any of the aforementioned ingredients, or has a food allergy less common than the ones previously mentioned, please make sure he or she does not register for this class. CCA will not be responsible for the administration or oversight of food allergies as it relates to food consumed in this course.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Culinary Arts I.