American Literature

American Literature is a reflection of its people, history and ever-evolving identity. Students involved in this course will be immersed in the richness of American Literature by studying the unique works produced during The Colonial and Revolutionary Period, The Romantic Period, The Realist and Naturalistic Period, and The Modern Era. Through the study of these literary movements, students will not only be enlightened to the religious, political and philosophical influences that shaped many American classics but also be encouraged to explore all facets of American literature through a Biblical world view. The basic elements of fiction will be discussed and used as catalyst for essay writing and literary analysis. In preparation for the SAT exam, students will also review fundamental grammar principles, SAT-focused vocabulary words, and timed essay writing. Summer reading is also required in preparation for this course. This class (taken at CCA) is a prerequisite for English Literature & Composition Advanced Placement.

Course required by CCA to be taken at CCA. Student may not take an online course or college course to replace this class.