Advanced Placement European History

AP European History is a college-level course that introduces students to the intellectual-cultural, political-diplomatic, and social-economic history of Europe from 1450 to the present. Performance on the AP European History Exam determines a student’s eligibility for up to six hours of college credit (the equivalent of a two-semester course). In addition to providing a basic exposure to the factual narrative, the goals of the AP European History course are to develop:

  • An understanding of the principle themes in modern European history;
  • The ability to analyze historical evidence;
  • The ability to express that understanding and analysis effectively in writing.

This course includes history both as content and as methodology. Emphasis is placed on intellectual and academic skills, including:

  • Analysis of primary sources;
  • Effective note taking;
  • Clear and precise written expression;
  • The ability to weigh evidence and reach conclusions.

Prerequisite: 93% in World History & Geo II Honors or 93% in US History Honors. Teacher recommendation required.

NOTE: This course also requires students to take the CollegeBoard AP European History Exam given at CCA in May. The $90 exam fee must be paid before the end of September. If the fee is not paid the student will be placed in an Honors social studies course of their choosing.