Advanced Placement Calculus

This course will quickly review Pre-Calculus concepts, and then continue to cover the topics that are taught in a college level Calculus I course. Topics are taught at a quicker pace and in greater depth than Calculus Honors. Differential Calculus includes limits, continuity, rates of change, tangent lines, derivatives, extrema, concavity, optimization, and related rates. Intregral Calculus explores Riemann Sums, definite and indefinite integrals, differential equation, slope fields, area under and between curves, and volumes of solids of revolutions. A TI 84 Plus is required so students may explore topics both graphically and analytically. The calculator will also be used to find numerical answers through calculations and graphing. The last month of the course is spent reviewing for the AP Calculus test. A Calculus Workbook as well as previous AP tests are integrated into the review as well a thorough knowledge of vocabulary and concepts that are studied through the use of flashcards. Students will be well prepared to succeed in the AP Calculus test.

Prerequisite: 95% in Pre-Calculus Honors. Teacher recommendation required.

NOTE: This course also requires students to take the CollegeBoard AP Calculus Exam given at CCA in May. The $90 exam fee must be paid before the end of September. If the fee is not paid the student will be placed in an Honors math course of their choosing.