Advanced Placement Biology

This course is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester college introductory biology course. The range and depth of topics covered, the lab investigations and the pace of the course are significantly more challenging than regular honors Biology courses. As a result, a significantly greater amount of time and effort in and out of the classroom is required of students in AP Biology. The culmination of the course will be the College Board AP Biology exam. Major themes include biochemistry, cell biology, energy transfer, heredity, evolution, structure to function of plants and animals, regulation, ecology, and science, technology and society.

Prerequisite: A grade of “93” or above in Anatomy/Physiology Honors or Chemistry 2 Honors and teacher recommendation.

NOTE: This course also requires students to take the CollegeBoard AP Biology Exam given at CCA in May. The $90 exam fee must be paid before the end of September. If the fee is not paid the student will be placed in an Honors science course of their choosing.