Accelerated Pre-Algebra

This course is designed to build upon concepts taught in the McDougal Littell Math Series: Course 2. The McDougal Littell Math Series: Course 3 is intended to provide a general review of basic Pre-Algebra concepts, such as integers, rational numbers, equations, inequalities, number theory, and ratio/proportions. Other mathematical concepts such as percent, probability, Geometry and statistics will also be discussed. At the end of the year, Algebra topics such as coordinate geometry, polynomials, rational expressions and linear equations will be explored. In comparison with the College Prep Pre-Algebra course, the pacing of this course is accelerated and more challenging problems are investigated. Students MUST possess a scientific or graphing calculator.

Prerequisite: 93% in Course 2 of 6th grade Accelerated Math (for 7th graders) or 95% in Math 7 Course 2 (for 8th graders). Teacher recommendation required.